Month: April 2016

Christ, Light of the World Gives Light to All

Christ Gives Light Indeed Christ is that Light of the world that gives the Light of Truth to all who have ever been born into this world. Indeed also, He gives new life as sons of God to all who, having believed that Light of the Truth of the Gospel, believe on Him and receive Him as their Lord and Savior. In John 1:9 we read as the apostle John speaks of Jesus Christ: “That was that true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” Since the beginnings of the Christian faith this verse has rightly...

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Basics of Christianity

The Basics of Christianity   Come and Join us for this New Sunday School Series at 10:00AM 1000 Davis Blvd.  —  Southlake, Texas Beginning Sunday  April 23, 2016     The Basics of Christianity … Beginning on Sunday, April 23rd, 2016, Northeast Baptist Church of Southlake, Texas will be presenting a Sunday School series on the Basics of Christianity. If you, or any of your friends or family have ever wondered what this “Jesus Stuff” is all about, please join us at 10:00 AM as we explore: What it means to be saved, How to get right with God, How...

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  • Those who are right with the Lord are willing to be corrected. Its a heart issue.
  • Today the Christian radio airwaves are filled with smooth-sounding professionalism and slick compromise that turns a blind eye to apostasy.
  • @tealtweet @WayofLIfeOrg I have that book too. Very helpful tool. Now you need the "Way of Life Encyclopedia"
  • What About Love? Posted with David Cloud's permission...
  • A genuine love for God requires that I care more about His Word and His will than about men and their feelings and opinions and programs.
  • I “believed in Jesus,” but so do the devils (Jam. 2:19). In fact, the devils tremble which is FarMore than the ave church member today does!