Month: February 2016

Biblical Salvation

What Must I Do to Be Saved? The Simple Plan of Salvation Made Plain to Sinners from the Word of God. by John R. Rice What must I do to be saved? Here in the simplest, shortest form is put the question to which every man must learn the answer, or spend eternity lost, away from God, suffering the torments of the damned! Thank God, this question is asked and answered in the Word of God so simply that every soul can understand it. There are other questions in God’s Word which affect the soul’s welfare, and many places...

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What is God’s Will for My Life?

God’s Will For My Life I get asked the question from time to time “What do you think the will of God is for my life?” I enjoy this question because I always have the right answer. It is found in I Thessalonians 4:3 and it reads “For this is the will of God, even your sanctification…” There you have it the will of God for your life. You should be sanctified. Well what is sanctification? Websters dictionary says that it is “The act of consecrating or of setting apart for a sacred purpose” Now that you have read...

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  • When you have a love that allows all kinds of wickedness and no judgement you have a perverted love.
  • The conduct of a Christian is controlled not by a heathen society, but by the Holy Spirit.
  • Many people spend hours in their virtual reality world where they think no one else sees.  Let me clue you in God sees!
  • Jesus did not come to create a holiday. He was born to die for sinners. 1 Timothy 1:15 #JesusSaves #JesusIsGod #MerryChristmas
  • A disciple’s heart burns within him at God’s Word (Lu. 24:31).
  • He is the Chief of writers, and what a Book He wrote!