Author: Trent Hackney

What About Love?

What About Love? The following is published with permission Of David Cloud of Way of Life Literature. Updated January 10, 2009 (first published May 15, 1997)  When Bible-believing Christians take the Word of God and measure leaders, churches, denominations and movements today by it, ecumenical types invariably charge them with a lack of love. For example, a woman wrote to me and said: “You preach separatism. What about unity? You preach about heresy. WHAT ABOUT LOVE? … From what I have viewed on your website, you hold your views as high as the Bible itself. What you call ‘zeal...

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Thankfulness-Without It the Christian Fails

By Dr. Terry Coomer I recently shared with our families at Hope Baptist Church how important thankfulness is in our lives. We receive hundreds of emails and phone calls a month from people asking for help through Hope Biblical Counseling Center. Almost all of the people have very serious issues and are in destruction mode in their lives. There are many factors to the destruction people do in their lives and to others around them. However, one very important issue is not learning how to use the tools God has given them or knowing the tools and not using...

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Biblical Repentance – Repent Definition Repentance: g3341 (STRONGS). Greek – metanoia; from 3340; (subjectively) compunction (for guilt, including reformation); by implication, reversal (of (another’s) decision): – repentance. AV (24) – repentance 24; A change of mind, as it appears to one who repents, of a purpose he has formed or of something he has done. Before I dive into the doctrine of repentance let me just say that I am very aware of the importance of judging myself before judging anyone else and I try to walk in the light. In case you are wondering “who are you to...

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Every Day is Thanksgiving Day

Everyday is Thanksgiving Day I was going to do the lesson this morning on separation from the world part 1 in the One Year Discipleship course but the Lord laid it on my heart to focus on a lesson that reflects our wonderful time of the year when we give thanks to the Lord. Another reason is I just didn’t feel like stepping on toes this morning. I just didn’t feel as if this was the Sunday to step on toes. However, since I am now on the subject of stepping on toes, I have a little story for...

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  • What About Love? Posted with David Cloud's permission...
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