I just wanted to let everyone know that there is an online Christian radio station that plays Godly instead of worldly Christian music. It is owned by an independent Baptist that has an appreciation for the sacred hymns that until the past three decades had been the staple of hymns sung in nearly all fundamental churches.

It is called Old Fashioned Christian Radio and you can find their website at Old Christian Radio.com

My wife and I have grown weary of listening to the modern christian rock and roll KCBI radio station in Dallas run by the Criswell College and First Baptist Church in Dallas. Over the past decades it has grown progressively more worldly in their style of music that is played. Until the past few months, they had a good Sunday morning music program, but Charlie retired and the rock took over the last decent music played on KCBI. I used to have our alarm radio set to KCBI, but now I finally have a station that I can enjoy listening to as we awake each morning and then throughout the day.

Though Old Christian Radio does not yet have a streaming service that works on a mobile phone, you can listen to it through the Simple Radio app. Give it a listen and if you like good old style sacred Christian music, I think you will enjoy it and decide to help support it.

Incidentally, I hope to post an article on Godly music, what it is and what it isn’t in the near future. Stay tuned …